These tracks may be huge reminders of why there is such a grandiose level of enticement when it comes to electronic dance music festivals. Coming from the minds of Miami’s Henrix and Los Angeles’ Adrien Mezsi, the two deliver electro house grooves in their new Raverz EP. The two producers who have both appeared on SIZE Records fuse their electric creativity that results in two wildly different bangers out through Thrive Music.

The title track off the EP is one that many festival goers may remember played by Steve Angello during his Creamfields set from back in 2013! Since then the track hung as an unreleased ID that teased listeners with its resonating synths and crisp kicks. Add a childlike voice saying “this one’s dedicated to all the ravers in the nation,” and you have a recipe for a hard-hitting monster with endless head-banging capabilities. On the other hand, Henrix and Adrien Mezsi’s second track “Bruh” that takes things in a deeper direction. Pulsating basslines and rapid drums combine in such an explosive way that it demands for rigorous dancing.

Together, these two tracks create an atmosphere of high-octane energy and precise entertainment. Henrix and Adrien Mezsi’s Raverz EP keeps electro house alive and well with its tracks “Raverz” and “Bruh”. Check them both out below and let us know what you think.

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Beatport: Henrix & Adrien Mezsi – Raverz EP