It’s been 8 weeks and four days (yes, we counted) since Knife Party said their next EP, Trigger Warning, would be out in 6-8 weeks. Now, we know that artists are not always in control of release dates. We know that circumstances out of an artist’s control can cause a release to be delayed (see: Nero) or even pushed up (see: Spor).

And now we get our latest announcement from frontman Rob Swire that still just says … “shortly.”

Knife Party is notorious for going beyond their schedule, and honestly, it’s getting a little tiresome. We’ll still approach the EP review like any other EP when it does finally drop, but the anticipation and waiting is sure to influence some residual feelings upon listening.

In the meantime, Rob has let us in on the fact that one of the tracks will be titled “PLUR Police,” to go along with the EP title. He also mentions how it was a struggle just to even finish it.

Maybe we’ll even get the Tom Morello collab on this release? That would definitely help to assuage some of their fans.