A whole year ago, we covered Deadmau5‘s first tease for his highly mysterious “Entropy” tour. While we still have yet to receive any concrete details about the project, Deadmau5 took to Twitter today to spread a piece of bad news about its name.

According to his tweet, the name “entropy” currently has a section 40 trademark on it and the owner is most likely unwilling to budge. This has forced Deadmau5 to go back to the drawing room and come up with a new vision for his project. Even though it’s just the name of the tour, the word was clearly chosen for a special purpose, to complete a certain artistic image in Joel’s mind. Having to compromise is not in his nature, but we’re positive that he’ll be able to create something equally as impactful.

Read his tweet below, and scroll further down to watch the first two preview videos for the tour.

Image via Rukes