Hey Third Party, you guys can take all the time off you want if it means you bring the heat upon your return.

The S I Z E titans went radio silent for a few months, but for good reason; Release Records debuted in May and so far have proven that Third Party’s newest venture is set to have a breakout first year. Still, the Essex pair are splitting their time wisely and are also releasing on Steve Angello’s imprint, continuing with their latest Nation EP. The two track affair is just as explosive as one would imagine, which keeps the label’s momentum going after Dave Winnel & Kryder’s “Apache” earlier this month.

“Power” is just as the name suggests, especially with the vocal repetitions as the song builds. The drop is signature Third Party – progressive, dark, and full of plenty of synths. The track is even reminiscent of the industrial warehouses they’re used to playing back home in England. Third Party teamed up with Arias for the second track of the EP “Nation (Rise Again),” featuring Daniel Gidlund on vocals.  Overall, “Nation” has that uplifting feel, not in the trance sense, but in the “let’s dare to be bold and do something courageous” way. Vocals aside, the track could standalone as a formidable instrumental, as it still manages to invoke the same amount of emotion. Once more, Third Party prove their worth as producers, and add two more weapons to their already massive arsenal. Pick up a copy of the EP today.