Bass music fans from all over the globe are well aware of DJ Shadow’s infamous record label Liquid Amber. Although the legendary DJ has gathered quite a diverse following of artists and fans alike during his historic career, this label seems to be strictly for the bassheads.

This second installment of their new Digital Dubplate series is a testament to just that, featuring a gritty, smasher of a tune from the underground Amsterdam  duo Know V.A.This track’s style definitely reminds one of a more hip hop influenced Eprom track, which we do not mind in the least. It’s dark and brooding while simultaneously driving and heavy. This is one of those rare tracks that could make a dance floor go nuts at the club and out in the dust of a festival; definitely a must listen for anyone who can’t get enough grimy bass in their life.

Liquid Amber‘s Digital Dubplate series will be releasing many more downloadable single tracks from their up and coming artists as the year goes on, so be sure to give them a follow so you can stay up to date!


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