Hardwell announced that he would attempt to break a world-record with his new charity, United We Are, back in July. He’s looking to have the world’s biggest guest list, aiming to have 100,000 names signed up for his December 13 show in Mumbai.

With registration for the guest list open, Hardwell has already received over 125,000 names. It should be noted that while the show is in India, fans from all across the world can register. While we can’t be certain about how many of these 125,000 fans are from other places than India, it can be assumed a good number of people world-wide are signing up. With such a global fan base, Hardwell will definitely have people signing up just to say they were on the list, with absolutely zero intention of actually flying to India. While this doesn’t de-bunk Hardwell’s world-record setting attempt, we just hope people can refrain from being “that guy.”

Head to the foundations official site HERE to sign up for yourself! Registration ends September 30 so act fast!