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Now, let’s get into the various arguments…

The older generations, particularly those interested in using (or abusing) substances like alcohol and drugs while in attendance of such events, tend to vote for stricter age restrictions – and generally for good-natured reasons.

These usually include: protecting the youth’s innocence, as respite from said children’s immaturity and the resultant influence on the “vibe” of the event, and also to prevent young fans from gaining access to the drugs which are often easily found on the dance floors of certain shows.

After all, regardless of who’s performing and how strict security is, dance music was initially born in dark underground clubs when ecstasy was still legal, and at least some attendees will find a way to actively use such substances despite their current illegality.

Zedd, however, has a thing or two to say in support of no age restrictions for his shows, and concerts as a whole.

In response to prevalent complaints regarding the looser age restrictions for his coming True Colors concerts, the German-born DJ/producer proliferated his opinion on the matter over Twitter. Vociferating a need for acceptance of all age groups, Zedd appears to reach out specifically to my generation of party-crazed 20-somethings by reminding us of how old we were just a few years ago – and our similar desire to attend these more “adult” gigs at the time.

Check out Zedd’s brief twitter rant below, which all started with an announcement of lowered age restrictions.


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Photo by Rukes