Almost two years ago Australian crooner Chet Faker teamed up with fellow Aussie and Future Classic labelmate Flume to give us what was one of the most memorable EPs of 2013, Lockjaw. Now in an interview conducted with THUMP Chet Faker reveals that the two of them are preparing to drop yet another collaborative project.

On the topic of the first EP, Chet Faker had this to say about working with Flume.

The whole idea behind that was because I wanted to create a separate vision between my art, which is my bread and butter, and this opposite approach which was open arms and like, “let’s just make music and see what comes out”.

Check out the rest of Chet Faker’s interview via THUMP where he delves further into the process behind some of his other work including Built on Glass and Thinking In Textures here.

H/T: Thump

Source Image: Billboard