With the pace of electronic music these days, labels and broader collectives must be held to several standards in order to survive, and must make delicate compromises if they want to create a loyal and excited listener base. Often when crafting a uniform style, sound or musical perspective, many of the edges and irregularities that lie within individual artists are smoothed out and reduced. For a collective’s name to be memorable, it’s much easier to promote the similarities between its various artists, rather than offer them complete free reign over their releases. While doing the latter arguably maintains the character and personality of the individual in a more pure fashion, it goes against the practiced business model of success and recognition. If a label is able to break the mold and display the uniqueness of each artist under their name, however, they’ve found a truly magical balance and solid roster of talent.

Burgeoning collective Camp Wild is one such group. Based in Los Angeles, they have just released their second full length project in the form of a seven-song compilation titled Wide Skies. With bold and personal productions, the flow of tracks evolves from start to finish. From heavy club heaters to contemplative chillers, Wide Skies has something for each point on the spectrum. It is currently up for download on the label’s Bandcamp page.

Fyrkat begins with a sub-heavy, arpeggiated track, setting a serious tone for the pieces to follow. Wayvee and LIMARU raise the energy with two sample-based beats, relying on complex percussion arrangements and deadly trap loops. KR$CHN breaks them up with a powerful and optimistic future bass track, before Adam Snow transforms the vibe with a slow, melancholy hip hop remix of MF Doom’s “My Favorite Ladies.” Crwn keeps the feeling going with a short, sweet melody featuring ambient guitar strums and soft vocal cuts. Finally, Ouska rounds out the compilation with a straightforward, chill trap head bobber.


To download the entire compilation for free or with a donation, visit Camp Wild’s Bandcamp page here.