If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of getting blasted by a Two Friends Big Bootie Mix…well, you should just listen. Matt Halper and Eli Sones are just a couple of goons caught in the throes of bromance, and they make some damn good music while they’re at it.

Already having slayed Hype Machine with five #1 tracks, these Big Bootie Mixes are more than enough to satiate fans between official releases. The transitions are beyond fun, thoroughly spontaneous, and the entire mix keeps you guessing. Vol. 8 features some of the raddest tracks of 2015, such as Andrei Stephen’s remix of “Some Chords,” Dzeko & Torres’ remix of “All We Need,” Martin Garrix’s “Dragon,” even the Guru Josh Project’s classic “Infinity” makes an appearance. It’s not up for debate, the Big Bootie Mix series has put forth some of the most creative mashing since Girl Talk.

The boys are even doing a giveaway to support Vol. 8; check here for the details on swooping some autographed stickers and winning a pair of Audiotechnica M40X headphones. In the meantime, snag this latest installment as a free download, and don’t forget to give the friends some love on their socials.