I often find it incredible how seamlessly electronic music and jazz go together. You so rarely find elements of jazz in electronic music anyway, it’s a breath of fresh air when someone does it, and does it well. Swindle is a prime example; his previous album, Long Live The Jazz, is an obviously clear demonstration of how to do it right.

His latest attempt, Peace, Love & Music, is an even more ambitious project.

Aside from incorporating classical, electronic and jazz elements, Swindle used featured artists and musical elements from around the world to give his latest album such a unique feel that it’s unlikely any album in the future will touch it.

A touring schedule that has put him in places like South Africa, the Philippines, China, Japan, and more has given him ample ammunition to really flex his creative muscles and use regional styles in most inventive ways.

One of the more astonishing aspects of the album is how well the tracks flow together. Assuming that different countries would have clashing musical vibes isn’t all too outside the realm of possibility, but Swindle did an incredible job of making sure that each and every track was given proper representation and space.

This was achieved in part with the use of “Transkits”, three of them to be precise. Another name for them would be “Interludes,” and they’re employed brilliantly in making sure that pieces from Denver and Glasgow, or Japan and London, wouldn’t clash. It also made sense for the Asian tracks to go together, and so he did.

Attention to detail, a strong production element, and an entirely unique outlook on music in the electronic sphere contribute to this album’s staying power, and why it should be considered one of the stronger albums of 2015.

You can puchase Peace, Love & Music here.