Prepare to get a little mesmerized. This new video from called “Girls Who Glove – From the Shadows” features seasoned glovers lighting a dark tunnel in fascinating multi-colored strobe patterns. Of course, this art form is nothing new to the EDM circuit. Whether it’s on festival grounds or pulsing clubs, glovers seem to come out of the woodwork to provide their own addition to the show.

Gloving has its roots in ‘hand tutting’ which was first employed by the funk band King Boogaloo back in the 1970s. However there was a re-emergence of instructional videos on ‘how to hand tut’ back in 2009, which later grew into a larger Vine sensation in the years to come. Then the EDM crowd, as it so often happens, took it to the next level by adding multi-colored lights to round out already intricate choreography.

Check out how Emazing Lights gets their glove on in the video below: