The truly all-purpose lighting device is finally here. At first glance Luminoodle (which might sound like a new brand of instant ramen noodles) looks like your everyday set of string lights. But a closer examination reveals the multi-functional and multi-artistic uses for this new fusion of light and high-tech material. These new lights are as flexible as they are durable, and though they are still in the KickStarter phase, they seem to have vast potential.

The new lights come in 5-foot strands and boast a luminosity 10-20 times brighter than Christmas lights. What’s more, they’re magnetic, waterproof and USB powered. In some of the most fascinating images, the lights appear in a translucent bag that allows the user to be holding what appears to be a ball of light (which may or may not remind you of the opening ceremony for the 2002 Winter Olympics).

Who knows what this could launch in the hands of the ever-exploring EDM crowd. Audience contributed light pulses could manifest even more brightly, literally inhabiting already vibrating, dancing bodies. Right now the lights appear in one color, but who knows if that will change based on demand.

Click here to check out Luminoodle’s KickStarter