From singing Scottish ladies to mind-bending body contortionists, the worldwide Got Talent series never fails to pull out impressive and surprising auditions. South Africa’s Got Talent has now hit the headlines with a performance from a three year old toddler, who threw down an impressive set on the old ‘ones and twos’.

We’ve reported on DJ Arch Jnr. before, and previously wished him success in his future career. Who knew that less than a year later, the young selector would power his way through South Africa’s Got Talent audition stage, by winning the crowd over and getting the coveted ‘Golden Button’.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the crowd and judges humour him because of his age… the boy has genuine skills. Hot-cues and cross-fades abound as DJ Arch Jnr. works up the crowd and looks completely nonplussed by the whole ordeal, just like the cool dude he is.

Watch the video here:

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