A R I Z O N A, where have you been?! After locking themselves away and brewing up some hits, this New Jersey based trio has unleashed the perfect jam to straddle the seasons. Their newest single, “Where I Wanna Be,” is a brilliant arrangement of the driving, melodic house that’s seen such an incredible rise this year.

As a whole, “Where I Wanna Be” is seamless, but there’s so much going on to make it so. Every attention is paid to meticulous details, from throbbing filters to atmospheric synth pads, complete with bursting vocals, a pumping kick, and melodic keyboard to throttle the track along. I could keep slinging descriptions all day, but it wouldn’t do this one justice. Feel like going for a sunset cruise down the coast? Buckle up and have a listen.

A R I Z O N A has even made “Where I Wanna Be” available now as a free download. So do the boys a solid, share the love on their socials, and be on the lookout for more to come.