With the current state of dance music so catered to the preferences of such a widespread audience, it’s truly a rare phenomena when artists can develop such a compassionate fan base that’s memorized every word of every song released. In a world of big room house and overbearing laser synths, Rudimental returns with a brand new album that truly encompasses another groundbreaking approach into live EDM. Known for their heartwarming singalong lyrics, warm jazz elements and varying tempos, every single track from We The Generation is an emotional roller coaster that is sure to send a chill or two down your spine.

As I began my dive into the 18-track album, I had extremely high expectations for the group to meet, as I’ve been a fan since I witnessed the most energetic live set of my young life at Coachella. Within the first 25 seconds into “I Will For Love,” I knew I would be listening to precisely what I’d hoped for, and more. From the kickoff, Will Heard’s voice accompanied by the distinct harmonies of Rudimental’s backup singers set the perfect mood for an uplifting buildup of the drum and bass flavor. As the drop lands home, the chorus glides through soon after to make its mark as another classic, yet memorable Rudimental singalong tune.

The real reason that myself along with thousands of other fans genuinely appreciate Rudimental, is because every song embodies an emotional chapter in the long story of life. Ranging from the harsh, bleak lyricism in “Bloodstream” to the passionate, yet uplifting tales of songs like “All That Love”, We The Generation is a textbook example of why good music isn’t restricted to one genre.

We The Generatiowas released on October 2nd.