There are Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays, and then there’s this little nugget the internet dug up yesterday.

Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre aka DVBBS weren’t always the high-flying (emphasis on high), long haired DJs we know and love today, but music has always been in their blood.

The van den Hoef brothers were once in a 3-piece boy band called DUBBS that actually made the rounds in Canada. Though before you get the image of Chris and Alex in matching outfits busting out sweet choreography while singing about some girl they’re trying to get with (ah, those were the good ol’ days), know that the boy band took a much raunchier approach to the their music. Think LFO meets LMFAO that’ll make you ROTFLMAO (bonus points if you’re now singing “Summer Girls” or “Party Rock Anthem”).

The unearthed video “Girls Kissing Girls” is evidence of DVBBS’ original approach to music stardom, and included third member DJ Martin Sinotte who would eventually leave the group to pursue his own career. While I want to completely knock DUBBS, they were actually popular, winning MuchMusic (the Canadian MTV) Disband’s Audition Tour in their hometown of North Bay.

Okay, just playing, totally knocking them a little bit. This music video looks like a PG-13 version of “Girls Gone Wild,” over a clubbier, 2000s pop synthy beat. See for yourself below: