Packed to the brim with 14 tracks of pure heat, RAM Records blasts off the month of October with an all-exclusive track list featuring songs from foundational RAM artists such as Loadstar, all the way to the revolutionary new blood talent that is Bensley. Holstering tunes from Mind Vortex, Teddy Killerz, Rene LaVice, and many many more, RAMsterdam is sure to be the crowned compilation of 2015. As many compilations group old releases with only a few unheard units, RAMsterdam sets a massive precedent with a variety of untold surprises with every drop. With only a few weeks away from ADE, the team holds no mercy with this release.

Theming through theatrical intros and deep bass lines, songs such as “Broken Notes” by the notorious duo Calyx & Teebee give the compilation a flavorful sense of dark funk. “Himsa” by June Miller contributes the much-needed neurofunk weaponry to the bunch, while Rene LaVice, known for his top heavy mid-ranged bass, adds with “Style Biters”, another characteristic LaVice tune to season the mix. Crossing into the deeper threshold, there’s the dense beauty of the sounds of Gerra and Stone, paralleled with the jungle treasuries of Aggressor Bunx.

Standing taller, and mightier, than its colleagues is Mind Vortex. Featuring only one tune on the compilation entitled “Impulse”, the duo makes a statement like none before. With massive double drop potential, and immense worldwide DJ support already established, this song is sure to be the one amongst the album with the most festival-based replay value. RAM, you’ve done it again. In the ranks of one of the best releases of 2015, if not the best. 

Release date: TBD