If you own a GoPro camera and you’re just itching for the chance to win up to $5 million annually, I’ve got just the thing for you.

GoPro just announced their GoPro Awards as a way to reward their content creators for the creations. Per the GoPro website:

The ongoing program will give us a chance to reward the GoPro community for capturing and sharing their best GoPro photos, raw video clips and video edits for inclusion in GoPro Channel programming, licensing and more.

The Award relies on a relatively simple three-step process which is outlined as follows.

1. Capture: Your interests. Your passions. Your life…with a GoPro
2. Submit: Your most interesting photos and videos to gopro.com/awards
3. Receive: Global exposure and ongoing awards. GoPro Awards will be given for memorable photos ($500), raw video clips ($1000), and video edits ($5000) in a variety of genres.

The Awards will feature a wide variety of categories to ensure that no GoPro-er is left out. Action, Adventure, Animals, Family, Motorsports, Music, Sports, Science + How-To, and Travel are all categories available for content submission so get on those videos GoPro users!

For more info, check out the official launch video from GoPro below!

H/T: GoPro

Featured Image Source: TubeFilter