As long as there has been an audience for music, there have always been events for the music lovers to hear their favorite tunes. Nowadays, music festivals and concerts are taking place in more unconventional locations and adding exotic twists to themselves than ever before. From cruise line festivals like Holy Ship and Groove Cruise to the most recent Blood Rave in New York City, the trend of hosting concerts in oddball places has now reached new heights with this new music festival on the mountaintops of the Swiss Alps.

On the top of Le Mouton Noir from December 11th and 12th, the Polaris Electronic Music Festival will hold its festivities 2,200 meters high. If your ears don’t pop from the air pressure of that elevation, maybe hearing that guys like Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Carl Craig, and Seth Troxler are headlining this event will. If the main stage is too cold for you, there will be cafe and clubbing stages in doors that will also offer electrified performances from major names on their roster. Whatever festival goers decide to do at the Polaris Electronic Music Festival, it is sure to be an unbelievably unique experience.

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Polaris Electronic Music Festival - 2015 Roster