You might have hated TomorrowWorld festival organizers immediately after the festival took place and even through the following few weeks, but I’m not so sure that after their latest move you can hate them for much longer.

Despite promising 1/3 refunds for passes due to the many mishaps on Sunday, TomorrowWorld went ahead anyway reimbursing attendees for their full ticket prices.

TomorrowWorld attendee Riyaz took to the TommorrowWorld USA Facebook Group to share the good news and a screengrab of his bank balance which included a full refund – despite his attendence on Sunday as well.

tomorrowworld refund

Hopefully all festival attendees will be met with the same good news that Riyaz did when they check their respective bank balances; and despite the all the mishaps that happened that weekend, TomorrowWorld and SFX might still have some life left in them yet moving forward.


H/T: TomorrowWorld USA