Big room house surges back to life with the latest release from Dim Mak Records. Italian duo Marnik teams up with Dutch duo JAGGS for a collaboration that delivers crisp kicks with an electro blitz.

Together, Marnik and JAGGS craft the track “Kamelot” that brings a fantasy-style melody and ties it to a growl-heavy drop. As rambunctious as it is loud, this tune has made its waves through the festival circuit as artists such as David Guetta, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, and many more played it in their recent sets.

The interesting note about this track is that it comes from two duos who worked their way up and have released music on other major electro and progressive house labels including Ultra Music, Revealed Recordings, Doorn, Hysteria, and Oxygen. It appears that Marnik and JAGGS can go in any direction with their music and still find solid support for their energetic, pulsating house tunes.

Listen to the track below, and head over to Beatport to add it to your library: