Kayzo has embarked on such an incredible music filled journey over the past year. He has been gaining positive notoriety and his fan base has more than doubled in such a short amount of time. Of course, he knows how to treat his listeners, and pours every bit of himself into his music. Just in time for Halloween, Kayzo has released his brand new track “Freddy Krueger“, and it’s definitely to die for.

It begins with vocal clips from the movies themselves, with this artist’s own personal touches added within. It then grabs you and takes you on a horrifyingly hardcore path to trap infused wonder. This first drop really packs a punch, and will leave you screaming with excitement, and quite possibly fear. I believe the vocal clips throughout the rest of the track really bring out the ambiance to terrify the listeners, while also keeping them on the edge of their seats for what’s to come next. And of course, Kayzo delivers a faster paced, heart racing second drop which will really melt your brain. So do take heed and listenĀ if you can handle this special and scary Halloween release by none other than Kayzo. He will definitely be dropping this tune during his upcoming sets, so catch him live if you can! Be sure to look out for more excitement from this talented artist by following him on his social media links below.