As the anticipation continues to climb for Calyx & Teebee’s newest album entitled 1×1, the RAM crew and the legendary duo release yet another groundbreaking single to the masses. With three Beatport number ones trophied in their production belts in line of their new LP, every hint of new music is a sense of addictive nourishment for the anxious fans. The flip side named “Cloud 9” was immediately deemed a masterpiece through worldwide support and universal feedback. Having performed several sold out shows such as Brixton Academy and many overseas, it’s safe to say that these two are equipped to deliver what they’ve been patiently brewing.

Now, the duo sinks their collective teeth into their next tune, aptly named “Panic Attack.”

As I armed my headset and read the title of the tune I eagerly set to premiere, I knew I was in for something lethal. From its panic-fueled inception, boldly-placed chord progression foreshadows an impending uppercut of highly-awaited low end. As the introduction transitions from push to shove, the fearless duo reel listeners in with punctuated drum loops and roof-rupturing percussion builds. A direct hit. As the chord progression reenters the headspace, paralleled quakes of elongated mid-ranged notes rise and fall simultaneously creating a sense of chaotic panic. Who would’ve guessed?


The duo has done it yet again. Keep it locked as we near closer and closer to their album release.

Release date: TBD