The Balance Series has long been known to provide the most essential mixes of underground, reminding us that “it’s all about Balance.” An ode to techno’s thriving culture, their latest installment is a bristling treat curated by Stacey Pullen.

Emerging from the depths of Detroit’s techno scene in the 90’s, Stacey Pullen has carved out a following entirely his own. He’s DJ’d everywhere you can imagine over the last two decades, including prestigious guest spots in Fabric and Resident Advisor’s respective mix series. As Pullen’s first official compilation in six years, Balance 028 packs an eclectic selection of hidden gems, ranging from the breakbeat of Folic State to the funk of Osunlade. Here are his thoughts on the inspiration behind this two disc compilation:

“That’s an easy answer: my daughter. Everything flows when you’re in love.

My approach for my Balance mix was to compile music that I don’t get a chance to play when I’m on the road, but that’s still good music. I also wanted to give the listener a breath of fresh air and play some eclectic melodic tunes, because I love a good melody.” 

Balance 028 is scheduled for release in the U.S. on 11/13. In the meantime, have a listen to the preview below to get a taste of the upcoming Balance ear candy, and don’t miss the chance to catch Stacey Pullen live; he’s currently embarking on a world tour, with stops in Detroit on 11/6, Miami on 11/20, and New York City on 11/21.