It’s interesting when artists with different musical backgrounds team up for a collaboration. Trance star Dash Berlin recently linked up with progressive house duo Dubvision for their song “Yesterday is Gone” ft. Jonny Rose. Like any good collab should, the track perfectly features the best parts of both artists’ production skills: powerful male vocals during a mellow chorus leading into a big, synthy progressive house build. We had a chance to catch up with Dubvision this week for an interview which you can read in full below:

Do you prefer working with a vocalist? Could you describe your process in the studio and how a vocalist could help (or hinder) your work flow?

We love working with a vocalist! The only real good experience was when we made ‘Heart’. We showed the track to Emeni and she wrote the main lyrics within an hour. It was funny cause we didn’t told her the name of the track and she came up with ‘I Found Your Heart’. It’s amazing to work with such talented people, and when it works, it’s magic!

Any interesting story behind how Jonny Rose and Dash Berlin were introduced to you?

Actually we did some gigs together with Dash in the past and he told us he loved our sound. We live in the same city in Holland so that’s how we started. Dash sent us the main idea with the vocal of Jonny and we worked in it back and forth.

You guys are known for a more electro sound. What inspired you to branch out past your comfort zones and work with an artist like Dash Berlin?

We wanted to see if we could interest a different group of people with this sound. Its always interesting to see if your productions ‘work’ with a new crowd 🙂

Can we expect to hear anymore surprising collaborations in the upcoming months?

Yess definitely, but we can’t say anything about that. Just keep an eye out on our social platforms and you will be the first to know!

What else can we expect from DubVision in 2016? (Major shows, an album, etc.)

First next track is called Sweet Harmony, which is an original DubVision record. Where it will be released will be announced soon!

“Yesterday is Gone” is in stores now.