Just in time for Halloween, Tim Shaft is spewing up anothter does of dance floor magic. With all the grit and grime of Big & Dirty electro, tossed up with the fun of disco-funk, “Funkenstein” sounds like the bastard child of Freddy Kruger and a Sour Patch Kid, and I promise you’re going to love it.

Kicking things off just right are billowing percussion and crunchy builds, setting the stage for the ultimate monster mash. Particularly enjoyable are the varying bars of the breakdown, each passing through its own filter, keeping the lead fresh and pushing forward into a discotheque bridge – and oh, what a bridge! There’s a plucky bass guitar to swoop up the vibe, shwifty synth cuts, and an overarching sense of funk.

Have a listen below and see for yourself why Tim Shaft’s “Funkenstein” is going to dominate Halloween. Don’t forget to show him some love on his socials, and grab this latest release on October 30th via iTunes.