Apple Music‘s three-month free trial period has officially ended, and with it non-subscribers’ full access to voice activated AI Siri. Many iPhone users have now found themselves unable to get an answer from Siri about music chart-related questions. Pandora‘s co-creator Tom Conrad even took to Twitter to voice his frustration at the feature’s new change of heart.

As of now, it’s been reported that Apple Music subscribers receive the same web page linked answer as they would have before the trial ended. However, even though I am not a subscriber, my Siri still works fine. This leads us to believe that the error might be a temporary bug in the system, or that perhaps not all iPhones have been equipped with the new restrictions yet.


According to NBC News, non-subscribers that phrase the question in a slightly different way have the ability to bypass the restriction. Try asking, “what was the number one song in 2000?”


H/T: Stereogum