Leave it to The Khan Don to twist the iconic Michael Myers theme into a gut-wrenching trap hymn. And just in time for Halloween… The hype is real.

Spiraling in and out of an 8-bit ringtone, “Michael Myers” slams with the quickness, assaulting your ears with clangs of disfigured sheet metal and murderous undertones. The track’s percussion is crisp, its ambience teeters on the brink of insanity, and crawling hi-hats creep just beyond the shadows of an all-encompassing bassline. Shrieking with metallic terror and industrial maladies, these breakdowns are probably what drove Mr. Myers crazy in the first place.

As you’d expect from The Khan Don, this track slumps hard. He’s even made this holiday treat available as a free download, so be sure to throw him some love on his socials. Have a listen below, and just because it’s scary doesn’t mean you have to hide in the closet. That’d be silly.