BRLY LGL just dropped some “Real Talk,” and they’re right, it probably shouldn’t be legal. Twisting trap and hardstyle into an unlikely combination, their newest single is an absolute delinquent, and we love it.

Kinetic from the start, BRLY LGL doesn’t waste time getting to the point. A squelching lead synth gnarls over an ominous brass accompaniment, interspersed with the weight of a mottled hardstyle bassline. And it’s that invasive bassline which makes “Real Talk” stand out, commanding attention as the track slams into a malicious breakdown. Snare rolls chime around the disembodied vocal chops to remind us that this is a trap jam, and the percussion is precisely calculated, all making for a startling dance floor jam.

We couldn’t be more excited to premiere “Real Talk,” and considering this is their first original release, we’re stoked for what’s next. Be sure to follow BRLY LGL to stay up on their latest, and read on to hear BRLY LGL’s Rob de Large open up about the project and the idea behind “Real Talk.”


So, who is in this project and what was the inspiration behind it?

“The project consists of myself, Rob, and Hannah Bo. I moved to L.A. 3 years ago to further my music career from Sweden where I was born, and Hannah is born and raised in Hollywood. We put as much effort into the little details of our project as we do with the grander ones. Our main inspiration comes from creating something 360 degrees in the aspect of music, fashion, and visual stimulation. We both come from different musical backgrounds and wanted to bring both of our influences to this project and make a hybrid. Our joint motto in life and in this project is ‘Success Or Suicide” which is also the name of our next single, [a motto] which we live and breath every single day.”

What’s behind the name BRLY LGL?

“The name BRLY LGL (Barely Legal) represents our main aesthetic for this project. A more explicit adult take on this scene – visually NSFW – but something your boss won’t necessarily fire you over. “No no, zoom in more on that John…” might be a more expected reaction.”

How’d you get the idea for real talk? where did this hardstyle/trap brainchild come from?

“In both of our lives we have come across a significant amount of simply put “bullshitters”. And we wanted to introduce what we stand for and respect in others the most – Real talk. As far as our sound goes, we both have grown up listening to old school hip hop 808 influenced music, and love the hard energy you get from hardstyle. We like to call our particular style ‘Adult Sounds’ – we are the vibrations that travel through the air seeking to bring you pleasure.”