Producers Sober Rob and the mysterious Lux.impala have recently joined forces to create a mellow and hip hop-oriented original, titled “Nativity.” Released on the collective account Pizza Cult, the track relies on a simple percussion arrangement and wide, sweeping ripples of layered synth to foster the sultry and melancholy atmosphere. It’s currently up for free download here.

The song begins with jungle noises and a soft hi hat loop alongside deep chords and light plucks of a stringed instrument. The percussion slowly enters the space, leading to a gentle swell of noise. Vocal chops echo around the space as the main synth pushes in and out of the mix. Tight drum fills and cascading arpeggios fill in the silences between beats while a dynamic sub rumbles underneath. After another upsweep, broken tonal strikes take center stage above the rhythm before it returns to its initial state.

Download the track for free here!