Insomniac Events is one of the largest concert promoters in the country, with one of the largest festivals in the country to its name. This Halloween features one of its flagship festivals, Escape, and Insomniac was noticeably stepping up their drug awareness game.

Posted around the festival at key points were MDMA warnings, alerting attendees to “extremely dangerous” MDMA, though no markers or identifiers are listed. The flyers seem a bit more geared toward fear than knowledge, however, with no actual useful information other than “don’t take MDMA.”

A more helpful solution, a more realistic one, and one that we’ve talked about often, are harm reduction services at the festival with a safe area to test your drugs and the option to throw them away without further action being taken against you.

Still, even the mention of MDMA in a noticeable fashion is a step up from previous years when it was a far more hush hush, nearly taboo, subject.

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