It’s been awhile since deadmau5 has taken passive-aggressive shots at some of his favorite targets, but the wait was worth it as the Canadian producer and DJ decided to go after Krewella, Carnage & Justin Bieber all in one go. Joel took to Twitter to mock the artists, capitalizing on recent events and the current holiday to further ridicule them. First up is Justin Bieber who recently stormed off stage after yelling at his own fans over a trivial mishap. The whole incident was captured on video that you can watch here. Anyway, here’s how deadmau5 handled this one:

Next up is Carnage, who’s been in the news recently for an ongoing dispute with Razer about whether the DJ or the Tech company downloaded pirated software for a tutorial video. Deadmau5’s response wasn’t as pertinent but still hilarious nonetheless:

Costume idea: @djcarnage 's ghost producer.

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And finally, we get Krewella. No description is needed for this one as the joke is pretty self-explanatory.

Costume idea: krewella

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To close, for now, the mau5 took a shot at none other than former cohort, Skrillex – and it certainly deserves a slow clap.

What’s your best EDM-related costume idea? Let us know in the comment section below!