Glovers are becoming a more integral part of the EDM community, and festival directors are taking notice. Given the intimate connection between glovers and the crowd, many festivals are sponsoring glovers at their events in an effort to strengthen the community. One team in particular is making their way to a number of major festivals across the country, showing just how popular gloving has become.


They’re called The Facemelt Crew, and if you’ve attended any major US festival in the past year, there’s a good chance you’ve come across at least one of their members in action. Made up of some of the best glovers in the world, they’re sponsored by Emazing Lights and travel throughout the US to showcase their talents. They’ve hit EDC LV, LIB, Counterpoint, Tomorrowworld, Hard Summer, and Nocturnal to name a few. Their tickets are comped by the festivals and their primary goal is to disperse throughout the grounds and show everyone a good time; sounds like a pretty good deal to me. If they’re not in the crowd you can find the Facemelt crew hosting glover meetups, workshops and even mini-competitions. Through their light-shows and other events, the Facemelt Crew help bring ravers together, creating lasting memories wherever they go.

Check out their site HERE for more info. They even have applications if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the Facemelt Crew. And for even more gloving action and a deeper look at how gloving can help bring the community together, check out the video below!