Kickstarter has been the launching point of some seriously game-changing products and now, the world of festival camping has been forever improved with the invention of the Siesta4. This tent is more than just a durable and quintessentially sized piece of festival gear. For a brief introduction, check out the highly informative video below and our initial preview here.

The innovative reflective outer shell serves as a perfect form of insulation for both extremely hot and cold weather climates – which is what I tested it in. Acting as a double layered thermos might, the tent not only keeps out the sun but also serves to balance the interior temperature so as to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Below you can see the noticeable difference that the reflective fly offers – it’s a crucial extra layer.

dark siesta
non siesta

Put to use in the chilly fall environment of the Cheyenne mountains in Colorado, the Siesta4 provided a thoroughly enjoyable camping experience and immediately became my favorite tent that I’ve ever used. Set-up and take-down were amazingly simple considering the size, even without instructions, and from pack to full assembly I was left amazed at how big it turned out to be coming out of such a diminutive, albeit dense, duffel. My fianc√© and I were able to sleep past sunrise with ease and even our dog, who normally wakes up with the sun, was passed out cold (or shall I say, warm) for several hours after the frost bitten dawn.

What does this mean for the Siesta4’s applications to festival camping?

Well, between the highly noticeable reflective chrome fabric, which will make finding your tent easy peezy – at least until everyone catches on to how perfect these are for music festivals – fan powered ventilation for the inevitable hot box and a cool breeze on demand, and the convenience of use during daylight hours, it leaves nothing to the imagination of what could be a more ideal festival camping experience. It can comfortably sleep 4, and is fairly luxurious for 2, and at the price these guys are offering during the Kickstarter, starting at $346, you simply won’t find a better product on the market.

siesta gif

Even better, the creators of the Siesta4 promise improved fabric quality post-production, and although I was testing the prototype, I found it to be of superb quality already. Trust me, this won’t be a tent you leave behind come Sunday at Dreamville – grab your Siesta4 from Outback Logic¬†while you still can HERE.