Festival camping has become quite the affair, with various tents coming out claiming to be the best, and various other gizmos and gadgets being made that apply specifically to meet your necessities in such cramped quarters. Now we’re happy to say that we have finally found what appears to be the best festival tent around.

We know most attendees tend to get little sleep at night, from Dreamville to Electric Forest, with people partying all night, so in the morning hours are when most try to take their much needed rest – but the Sun and resultant heat tend to make it difficult and hardly comfortable. Using a high-quality reflective shell, the SIESTA4 has the solution. It blocks both heat and light to make the often impossible day-sleeping not only comfortable, but also convenient.

What’s more, it comes with built in USB-powered fans to ventilate the tent with a cool breeze and/or disperse smoke from the inevitable ‘hot box.’

fan gif

In short, the reasonably sized and easily set up SIESTA4 solves one of the biggest issues of festival camping in one fell swoop at a wallet-friendly price. With various options available and prices ranging from $265-395, it’s no wonder they’ve collected half of their Kickstarter funding in a scant few days. Check out the video below to learn more and get your own tent here!