Stumbling around on my SoundCloud feed the other night, I discovered this collaborative tune by two artists I greatly admire, Lolaby and Kidswaste. In my mind, I could have always pictured the two of them making a collaborative track with Lolaby lending her vocals to Kidswaste’s mellowed out future beats, but to hear it in person is something entirely different.

Lolaby’s vocals rest somewhere between sinful sultriness (is that a word?) and soothing ambient goodness as she tucks us in with that marvellous voice of hers. Meanwhile, Kidswaste, 1/9 of the Nykom Collective, gently smooths out that proverbial blanket with his elegant production. Delicately constructed with a whole host of glitch, bass effects, beautiful synths and chimes, Kidswaste and Lolaby have got me feeling some type of way.

This is supposedly the first release off of their forthcoming collaborative EP, Bloom, which is slated for release sometime in the middle of this month. In the meantime, replay that free download over and over for you and that special someone that you want to “make mine!”


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