Many labels make it to the one-year point without making much of a dent, but not Octal Sound. For a label that you might not be familiar with, they have a considerable and impressive catalogue of releases from their first year that you would be foolish to overlook – especially with such an enticing deal right in front of you.

To celebrate their first year, Octal Sound is giving away their entire catalogue for free. No gimmicks, either. No like gates, tweets or shares required. Just click and download:

Get a taste for what you’ll be downloading below, as well as a message from Octal Sound founders, Ian and Dex.

About two years ago we had a meeting about where our company was going and what else we could be contributing to the artistic landscape. We were and still are incredibly proud of our management roster, but felt like there was so much art that we would love to work with, but that pesky limit on the hours in a single day had been limiting us based on how much energy it takes to manage and develop an artist. Around the same time, we began to notice a shift in artist’s perspective of what was important to them and as a company, a core value is that artists come first, so we were keen to take a closer look as to what that was. As it turns out, what artists crave most is flexibility in releasing, distributing, and promoting their music and as the past year has proven, if you provide artists the tools and flexibility they need, there isn’t a limit to what they can achieve. We tossed around a lot of ideas and eventually settled on creating the type of label that we would be stoked to release our artists on. A label that put the artist’s needs before its own and allowed us to be the change we wanted to see in this industry. A year ago today we officially took the very first step on a journey with the goal of working with artists we believed in outside our management roster by releasing a wonderful tune called “Round Two” by Roy’al and Blaise Railey. That tune and subsequent EP called ‘Cycles’ would launch both our label and then DC based artists into a spotlight we would have never thought possible when first starting. Since then, our label has worked with over a dozen artists from around the world, charted everywhere from iTunes, Beatport, and Hype Machine, synced music on internationally syndicated television, and most importantly seen artist’s careers flourish as a result of their and our hard work. We would like to thank Roy’al, Blaise Railie, Haterade, Secret Panda Society, Revive Us, Bronze Whale, Hotel Garuda, Jai Wolf, Lazer Disk, Dream Beach, Catt Moop, Khai, John Savage, CYN, Jon Von Letscher, KP, Bamiyah, Axel Mansoor, Adam Woollard, Tristan Kenneth, Lis, Jessica Main, Ayana, and their respective management and PR teams for their trust and friendship. We are truly grateful to be able to work with our friends and do what we love most. As a celebration of what we believe in, what we’ve all achieved together, and of our first birthday as a label, we’re releasing a very limited free download of our entire catalog. No need to subscribe, like, provide an email, or anything else (unless of course you want to ≧◡≦ ) Just click the link above or below and it will instantly download everything. Thank you again to all the artists, management, blogs, radio, publishing companies, pr agencies, distributors, and to our family and friends. Without you, none of this would be possible.

To putting art first, making friends, and of course evolving music with every ounce of love in our being.

– Ian and Dex