After a double performance at Insomniac’s Escape, JACKAL is back with more mind crumbling trap swaggery in his latest interpretation of Vic Mensa’s “U Mad” ft. Kanye West. Charging the tempo and sharpening the percussion, JACKAL has twisted the original mix into a thunderous delinquent that’ll leave you feeling just a wee bit feral.

Staying true to Vic Mensa’s original production, “OHUMAD” is dipped in the weighty vibes of hip-hop and topped with a massive helping of roaring sound design. There’s no other way to say it, this track sounds huge. The encompassing brass, cavernous basslines, and sauntering hi-hats will leave you gasping, and might just earn you a speeding ticket. JACKAL’s even gone one further, dropping “OHUMAD” as a free download, so be sure to throw him some love on his socials and stay up on what’s next.