Hello again bass family, and welcome to another installment of West Coast Wednesday! Forgive me for not posting last week I was so i sick I almost saw the devil in person this Halloween weekend. Anyway now that I’m better, I can’t wait to get into all of this amazing music that’s streaming out of the West Coast lately. In fact, these past two weeks have been so explosive, that today we’re going to do a list of top our top ten (cough) favorites in lieu of our usual five. So hold onto your hats and your hearts kids, this is a big one.

Our first release, comes to us from Hawaii’s very own Mr. Carmack and his new White EP. If there’s one thing people have been known to say over the past few years when it comes to weird, thugged out bass music it’s, “Huh, sounds like Mr. Carmack.” Well, this new EP will have those same people eating their hats and their glowsticks after they hear this outstanding new piece of work from the mainlands favorite weirdo. Familiar elements of classic Carmack and popular songs permeate the whole EP, but he’s grown alot on the road and that’s what shines through the most here. We found this latest evolution of Mr. C immensely enjoyable, and we think you will too.

Our next release comes to us from our beloved Bay area, where Boats has recently released an outstandingly creative and fun EP entitled Squiggle on Saturate Records. Already known for his uniquely bright and weirdly heavy style of bass music, Boats really turns things up a few notches and shows us what he’s made of with this latest release. The sounds are tighter, his style is more distinct, but it’s the subtle nuances and massive amounts of creativity that really make this EP special. We just can’t seem to get enough of it. Go swoop this if you like music.

Our next track comes to us from two gentlemen I hadn’t even heard of until last week. This collaboration between LA based Subsurge and Seattlite LEViTATE titled “Throw Up” represents all the right elements of future bass as well as trap music, and will have you nodding your head and smoking blunts with the best of us before it’s done. Wonderful.

Next up, the time has finally come for the full release of G Jones & Bleep Bloops collab EP Mind on DJ Shadow’s label Liquid Amber. The remaining two songs we haven’t heard, “Mind” & “Plastic Flower People,” will be sure to resonate very strongly with long time fans of the duo’s individual work, and left us wanting to see and hear even more of them in the future. Let’s hope a tour is in the works?

Our next release is hot off the digital presses today and oh baby is it big one. Woolymammoth’s new Tricks EP has refined & distilled the very best and filthiest elements of trapstep into a wonderfully dark, and oppressive array of tracks that could inspire new volumes from the mind of Lovecraft himself. This EP’s world is a grimy, gritty, disgustingly heavy darkness that relentlessly and unapologetically eviscerates your brain and we can’t stop listening to it. Help us. Bassheads everywhere should not hesitate to grab this release while it’s hot. If you dare…(Evil Laughing) Seriously, this one is a monster, be careful.

Next, continuing in the spirit of darkness, we have this exceptionally heavy old school style flip of Wiley’s “Wise Man,” released this Halloween by west coast veterans Psy Fi & Hypha as a special treat for all the DJ’s doing tricks that night. Psy Fi’s legendary space work takes on a more sinister atmosphere here and serves to compliment the dubsteppy synths just like the vocals do, perfectly. It’s plain to see how much fun these two has making this one. Enjoy.

Now then, let’s lighten things up a bit and get on the fun side of dirty with two of our favorite bassline house tunes. The first one being a collab from LA’s very own Jameston Thieves & Luzcid entitled “Break.” This insanely wild and crazy track is deceptive at first, with a cheesy vocal intro that will have you have you questioning your decision to press play. Once this tune drops though, you will almost certainly find yourself getting all sorts of loopy before singing along with the bridge before the second, highly entertaining plunge. Have fun!

Our other favorite comes to us from Sam F and Nightowls in the form of a fantastic remix called “Lemme Freak.” We love Sam, and have been following him well before Saturday Night D*cks and Kim Jong Trill caught the EDM communities attention. It’s plain to see that his most recent move to LA from SF has done nothing but improve his sound, as well as open the door for many an incredible collab like this one here. Make sure to grab this one if you love to party, and keep an eye out for more from both of these bassline heroes in the near future!

Next it’s back to the bay to check out the newest album from the hometown hero, VNDMG. If you’ve been involved even in the slightest with west coast bass music, you’ve heard of VNDMG. A veteran to the bass music scene, VNDMG takes no prisoners with this latest album which is chock full of special guests and epic remixes from other well known (and less known) producers/vocalists. Make sure you grab the album below, and check out the official press release in the Soundcloud description if you’re interested. This is not one to be missed.

Okay everyone, it’s time to pack your bags because we’re about to go on a a feel trip, courtesy of Wu Wei and his new EP, Lifetimes Between. Released today on Muti Music, this latest auditory dreamscape will take you to the ends of the earth and beyond. Glitchy, ambient, and full of wonder, this EP takes you on a heady, intergalactic journey through hyperspace to the high windswept temples of the ancients, and deepest forgotten ruins of lost civilizations. It’s quite simply, amazing, amazing work. The sound of Wu Wei is calling to you. All you have to do, is let it in.

Our final stop of this feel trip, (and coincidentally, this article) comes to us via Hotel Garuda and their intensely heartfelt remix of Kiiara’s song “Feels.” If Wu Wei softened you up get ready to stare out the window at something because this one just sweeps you away. So glad these two took a chance with this one, it’s really quite special.

Bonus Round!!

That’s right everyone, in place of an interview or free download I thought I’d let you guys in on a release I only discovered last week. I don’t know how I missed this but Claude Von Stroke collabed with Eprom for a two track EP last month under his other alias Barclay Crenshaw and Holy F*cking Sh*t you guys, it is so f*cking live. Check it out and tell your friends!!

That’s all for this week bassfam. nUtil next time, be well; and take no prisoners!