TomorrowWorld has always been known for its jaw-dropping stage production and magical atmosphere, and despite certain reports, this year’s festival was no different. One of the most impressive aspects of TomorrowWorld is DreamVille, the vast camping city that is set up adjacent to the festival and serves as the home to the majority of the festival’s attendees.

This year, DreamVille was home to over 40,000 attendees – nearly the size of a mini-town – and Elite Daily followed five DreamVille campers as they experience TomorrowWorld firsthand on their new mini-documentary, The People of DreamVille. The documentary tells the stories of five different festival-goers, and why they traveled from all over the world to experience the magic of TomorrowWorld. It’s impossible to capture the entirety of TomorrowWorld in eight minutes, but Elite Daily does a fantastic job at giving us a glimpse into what to expect.