Hey everyone, welcome back to another installment of our burgeoning new series West Coast Wednesday. With festival season in the rear-view mirror, most of our favorite artists are spending more and more time in the studio, the results of which we are just beginning to see now as we move into the winter. This week we focus mainly on the fantastically creative minds of the west coat bass music artists in Northern California.

Our first and most important release of the week comes to us from none other than Sleeveless Records, and their amazing new Sleeveless Warriors compilation. If anyone new to the scene needs an introduction to just what west coast bass music is all about, this compilation would do a damn good job of gettng them started. Featuring brand new tunes from well beloved favorites like Shlump, Trevor Kelly, Sayer, & Perkulator, as well as a few from some artists you might not so readily recognize. This compilation is essential to any and all fans of the the west coast bass scene, don’t miss it. You can check out our original article on the release right here.

Next up, is an artist who’s had a very big summer indeed, Mr. Trevor Kelly. In addition to multiple festival appearances and launching his rapidly rising new label Shadow Trix Music, Trevor has somehow managed to keep popping out new music. This latest release, a collaboration with Soulular is a heavy, ambient, ride through dimensions near and far that is perfect for any nighttime or early morning shenanigans. Make sure to give these guys a follow if you dig this as much as we did.

Our next release, from Humboldt native Suds, hit the interwebs a week or so ago, but just went up on his Soundcloud today. This new EP, entitled Black Holes released on MalLabel is another excellent addition to the Suds discography, and showcases many of the new tricks he’s learned since we last saw a release from him. What we love most about this album is that in it, we hear that Suds has really nailed down and defined his sound in surprising new ways that make us very excited for the future. Make sure to keep this guy on your radar as the year comes to a close.

Now were going to shift gears a little bit and talk about Ardency, the up & coming duo of two guys from Cali and Florida that are quickly becoming one of my favorite acts in dance music. This latest tune, a remix of the Beach Boys, perfectly illustrates everything I love about these two and their take on electronica. I hope you find it as captivatingly awesome I did. Turn those speakers way, way up for this one.

Finally, we close out this week with a wonderful new future bass tune from LA’s very own Jordan Andrew, a rising artist who has somehow managed to evade my attention until very recently. His latest release Mayday pushes all the right buttons as its chopped vocals and metallic synths lull you into a marvelously groovy, and slightly sad state of happy. Enjoy.

That’s all for this week everyone. Until next week, be well!