This Star Wars marketing campaign is truly reaching every corner of the world. From CoverGirl cosmetics, to promo spots during ABC shows, the world will go see the new film whether they like it or not.

So it should come as no surprise that the campaign reached over to the dance music world to our version of Darth Vader – DJ Snake. The enigmatic DJ and producer joined multiple different actors to reinvent the iconic theme song and the Imperial march, all while hyping up the new HP laptop. While it’s not completely trapped out, DJ Snake remixes the march and gives the theme a more hip-hop vibe with the help of Darth Vader’s signature heavy breathing. Sadly, the commercial is only 30 seconds long, but you can still jam out and hope he gets to release a full version soon.

Remember, Flux Pavilion has also done an official Star Wars remix, which you can listen to here.