Just when you thought there weren’t enough reasons to join Spotify, this week marks an innovative leap that distinguishes the popular streaming service head and shoulders above competitors Apple Music and Tidal. This new service utilizes technology that builds on the gargantuan database it already maintains and applies it to the realm of live events.

Spotify is now, in addition to curating your music tastes, also curating your concert schedule. The new Spotify Concerts feature will allow you the ability to know when live shows based on your tastes will be coming through your local area. It will be available on desktop or mobile, and will most likely contribute to some spontaneous great times for those who keep up with it.

Spotify and Songkick have partnered in this venture, effectively diminishing the need to spend additional time on Songkick to find set dates. You’ll also be able to form your desired live shows based on where you are in the world. There will be a browse feature that will allow you to see where your favorite artists will be and when. For more information, visit Spotify Concerts.


H/T: The Dancing Astronaut