Along with a few others, Feint, for me, fills an increasing void in today’s Drum & Bass scene. For those of us who aren’t too fond of old school, jungle-style productions but still crave that 174, there’s uplifting drum & bass. It’s an unofficially recognized genre right now, but listen to the track below, and you can imagine the reason for the characterization.

It’s no surprise that with a tune so uplifting, “Fall Away” is being released on Fox Stevenson’s cloudhead records. The tune still has the same intensity and heavy rhythm as typical drum & bass, but the inclusion of … “happier” synth work is a marked difference from the dark and gloomy days of jungle and garage. No longer are raves held in dingy warehouses, and it’s time the music changes to reflect that.

The Fall Away EP is out next week, November 23, on cloudhead records. You can pre-order it here.

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