It’s news we’ve been eagerly awaiting since he parted ways with Spinnin’ Records, and now it is finally here – the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Martin Garrix just announced his own label on Dutch TV show DINO.

Several sources have pointed us to the information via Twitter, some of which we have included below; there’s even video of him showing off some athletic dance moves in celebration, check it out!

We have reached out to Martijn and his team for further details surrounding the highly anticipated new project and are awaiting video from the TV show for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for immediate updates!

“The label is coming, it’s my own label”
everybody claps
The other guys asks: “What are you interested in?”
Martin: “I want different genres, not just one.”

Garrix is apparently also interested in bands and rappers, so who knows what kind of music we’ll be hearing in the future!


Special thanks to Aart van den Dool for helping with the translation!