Arcane was founded off of one mans vision, a vision that would allow artists to express themselves without boundries. Something truly by artists for artists. Arcane was built from the ground up with a true feeling of the underground but has very quickly come to be loved and respected by the masses. I had the pleasure to sit down with Arcanes founder Daniel Bisbing to talk about where they have come from and what 2016 holds for Arcane.

How did you come up with the concept for Arcane?

After working in the music industry and being a dj for many years, I realized that I have a lot more to offer to the community and culture than just being an artist. Some of my closest friends are djs and producers and after seeing some of them be mistreated and not professionally represented it inspired my business partner, Salar Saeidi, and I to create Arcane Talent Agency.

I take a lot of pride in my work and even more so in the artists that I represent whom I consider family. The work we do at Arcane is more than your typical agency. My team and I push our artists to their limits and to their full potential to get only the best results.

Coming from such a young business, you’ve managed to pick some serious talent, such as Algo, Axel Boy, and Jakes. How did you manage to make that happen?

Thank you. I have had past business relationships with a good amount of the artists on the Arcane roster from being the A&R at Smog Records, but more importantly the majority of the artists on our roster are close friends of mine, so it was only right that we began doing business with one another.

It is very important to me that there is somewhat of a friendship in place prior to bringing a new artist into the Arcane family. I am a very strong believer in putting forth a strong team effort including both the agents and the artists. We are stronger as a unit and we can accomplish more as a team when everyone is working towards the same goal.

Aside from working in the American market, what international markets have you been working in and/or plan to venture into?

I have been working very closely with many companies from all over the globe. This is one of the main reasons I created Arcane. I want to work with liked-minded and forward thinking individuals who all share the same goal for the expansion of music.

I have to take a moment and give some love to Zac and Joel from Flick Promotions in Perth, Australia. They run a great company and also have an amazing event called Bassment, which is hands down one of the wildest parties in Australia. After many months of planning, Arcane and Flick just sent Coffi down under for his debut Australian tour. You can definitely expect to see a lot more Arcane artists heading down to Australia in the coming months including Blankface and more. I cannot wait to announce what Zac, Joel, and I have been working on.

I also have to give a big shout out to my boys Arnaud and Oliver from Chwet Productions & Booking Agency in France. We have been talking for many months about having the first ever Savage Society European performance at their event Animalz, in Paris that took place Saturday Oct 17th, 2015. It was an incredible event and I was definitely honored to be a part of it. This is the beginning of a strong business relationship. Expect to see us working together a lot more.

We have also been working very closely with Big Tooth in Montreal, Ergh in London, Quake in Belgium, Night Grinderz in Rotterdam, and Royal Bass in New Castle.


So you just picked up Twine this week, that’s huge.

Awww YES. We are very excited to have Twine on board. We have big plans for him. He is an amazing producer and never ceases to amaze me with his wide array of sound design and production skills. I am telling you, when he focuses and puts his mind to it, he can create anything. He is definitely paving the way for the next generation of great producers.

Axel Boy has been making some serious noise with his latest release on Buygore records, how did all that come about?

 Axel is a very special artist. For the longest time Axel was known for making dubstep anthems. I think close to about 8 months ago he began sending me his interpretation of future bass. I was astounded by his melodic composition and arraignments. I knew immediately he was on to something big. I reached out to my good friend Steven Pahel, who is the label manager and runs Buygore Records. Steven loved the project and the rest is history.

I want give a big thank you to Steven and Christina from Buygore. We all worked really hard on this project together.

Aside from the agency you’ve been making some serious noise with your events in LA, can you shed some light on the concept of your events?

The whole concept behind the Arcane events is to create a positive atmosphere were both the listeners and the performers can come together and share the same positive energy. We really enjoy throwing free events and giving back to the community.


You have recently announced the launch of Arcane Records, what are trying to cultivate and create with this label?

My business partner, as well as Co-Founder of Arcane Talent, Salar Saeidi, and I had been plotting on forming the label for many months and we finally decided it was time to pull the trigger a few months ago and announce our latest endeavor.

Both of us come from a very deep-rooted background in the dubstep community and with Arcane Records we wanted to showcase and support all styles of bass music. We are aiming to create a label were all of the attention is focused on the artists. Our mission is to create a haven for forward-thinking producers striving to push the boundaries of bass music and with a strong foundation and even stronger dedication to advancing our artists and supporting their creativity. 

Do you have any releases dropping on Arcane Records soon?

Our first release is a 2 track EP from Blankface with remixes from Jakes, Soloman, Hedex, and the Subkillaz.

We have a lot of releases that we have been putting together for everyone and with a very wide array of styles and genres. Salar and I are very excited about all of the projects that we have forthcoming.


Where do you see Arcane going in the next year?

Ah man, next year hahaha… I am very very excited for next year. The team and I are already working very hard on setting things up for 2016.

We are working on a number of various tours for USA, Europe, and South America. We have a heavy schedule of releases already planned for the label and have some exciting events that are in the process of being curated in LA.

One thing I am aiming to really focus on is putting together collaborations with other record labels and event companies on an international level. So we can draw inspiration from one another and really bring a global awareness to this music and the amazing artists that create it.

So you have had some pretty huge players in the game as your mentors. Can you speak on how they have helped and supported you when you started Arcane?

As we all know no one gets anywhere with out the support from their peers. I have been lucky enough to have amazing mentors who have looked out for me and shown me the ropes since I first started in the music business.

I wouldn’t be anywhere that I am right now if it wasn’t for my mentors from Smog Records and Top Shelf Management.

Drew Best, Danny Johnson, John Dadzie, Taurus Scott and Amish Dani all took me under there wing at a young age and showed me the correct way to conduct business as a professional in this industry. The professional I am today has a lot to do with how I was trained by them.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank, who has helped you along your journey?

I have to give a massive shout out to the Arcane Team. Without everyone’s support and commitment, we would not be what we are.

I would first like to thank my business partner, Salar Saeidi, for having my back since day one. We have always wanted to build something together and I am proud to have him as my partner.

One of the most important people in the Arcane family is our designer Jared Pittack. Jared’s unique style and amazing art direction shapes the visual perception and of both the agency and the label.

Next up is Paul O’Loughlin and Dillon Manning who are my go to guys. They are the type of gentlemen that you can always count on no matter what and without a doubt always give 110%.

Lastly, our production manager Spencer Smith. He is always on the ball and forever forward thinking. Spence is a jack-of-all-trades and never ceases to amaze me with the great ideas that he comes up with.


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