The classics are coming back from the past with the help of some talented, forward thinking artists such as Henrix and Digital Lab. This time, these longtime collaborators take on their biggest challenge yet; remixing “Acid (Lost In Acid)” by David Tort.

The original version of “Acid (Lost In Acid)” was released around 2008, when house music was just a few years shy from taking over the mainstream outlets of the music industry. Since then it has seen huge remixes from Avicii as Tim Berg and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike becoming a huge staple of the late 2000’s house music scene. Now, this rave culture classic is receiving 2015 remixes from artists such as Abel Ramos.

Previously, Henrix was last seen on a remix of “Forgot About Dre” with Adrien Mezsi. Now with “Hit It!” collaborator Digitial Lab, they morph “Lost In Acid” with an emphasis on its acid house roots and countless drums. What’s interesting about this remix is that it shares many similarities to the Henrix track “Acid Rave Sex” which may have been an inspiration going into this remix. As the acidic plucks wobble over crisp kicks, this remix of this tremendous house anthem is reinvigorated for a fresher audience. Constructing another festival main stage titan, Henrix and Digital Lab have once again outdone themselves with another electro house banger.

Make sure to check out this remix and the other 2015 remix to “Lost In Acid” when they drop Monday, November 23rd.