As 2015 draws to a close, EDM continues to reach new milestones. The genre is bigger than ever, and its principal artists have become as widely recognized as contemporary pop, rock, and hip-hop stars. Perhaps that’s why you can now purchase Hardwell and Armin van Buuren action figures. Yes, you read that correctly; action figures molded after the two Dutch producers went on sale yesterday.

The figures were released in conjunction with the reveal of the music behind Hardwell and Armin’s collaborative track “Off The Hook.” The figures were created using a multi-camera set-up that scanned both producers and 3D printed their busts. The bad news is that both figures miss the mark, with Hardwell stuck in a cross-eyed gaze, while Armin’s face more strongly resembles a five-year-old’s attempted drawing rather than a scanned image. The figures come with tables affixed with their respective logos and some cute little DJ equipment. However, both retail for $53.22, an outrageous price for inferior figures.

Watch the reveal videos for both Hardwell and Armin’s action figures below: