An incident at London’s The Coronet has left the club house-less.

According London SE1, a 15-person fight broke out involving knives and a “noxious substance” such as pepper spray leading police to declare it a “critical incident.” Police urged the local licensing council to review the club’s license. They wanted a full closure, but the council instead opted to ban “urban/house music” events (“urban” is UK slang for “hip-hop and R&B”).

“It is clear from initial reports that there has been a significant failure in security procedures at this venue,” said police commissioner Ian Clements. The venue will now implement increased security measures for those entering the premises.

“The Coronet recently announced that it is to close down in early 2017 with the building facing demolition as part of the wider redevelopment of Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre.”


Source | H/T Thump